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Export Certification

Here at Moorabbin Vets we have Dr John Ley who is AQIS-accredited. AQIS is the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. You will need to see an AQIS-accredited vet if you are planning to take your pets with you when you travel anywhere outside Australia. AQIS-accredited veterinarians can provide you with all the information you need regarding vaccination and worming requirements. They can give your pet special vaccines such as rabies vaccines if required. AQIS-accredited vets are the only vets who can provide you with all the certification and paperwork that you will need to get your pet into the country of destination and back to Australia again.

Some of the animal requirements for international travel are quite complex and it is important to start the process rolling months rather than weeks in advance of your travel dates. Rabies vaccinations, for example, require blood tests to be taken some time after the vaccine is given to prove that your pet has adequate immunity for rabies prevention. Occasionally repeat vaccines and blood tests are required and so the process can take some time.

If you are contemplating taking your pets overseas, make sure you contact our AQIS-accredited vet as soon as possible to discuss the relevant requirements.

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