Vaccinating Your Cat

Vaccinations for pets are important to ensure they live a fulfilling life without preventable disease or illness. We can vaccinate cats to protect against several diseases.

Feline respiratory disease (Cat flu)
This disease is debilitating and can be fatal to kittens and older cats. Symptoms of this complex disease include mouth ulcers, sneezing, coughing and discharge from the eyes and nose. The disease is commonly passed on from mother to her kittens.

Feline immunodeficiency virus (Cat AIDS)
This is a fairly commonly seen disease with cats that fight and wander outside. It is spread from cat to cat through biting, also through grooming and sexual transmission. The virus attacks the immune system, leaving the cat prone to infection and cancer. We recommend all wandering cats to be tested and vaccinated for this disease.

Feline enteritis (Parvo)
There have been recent outbreaks of this disease in Melbourne’s western suburbs. It is highly contagious gastroenteritis, causing vomiting, diarrhoea and sudden death. It is particularly severe in kittens and pregnant cats, often causing birth defects or miscarriage.

When to vaccinate
– 6-8 weeks: Initial vaccination.
– 10-12 weeks: Second vaccination. A tailored vaccination course for cat AIDS can start at this stage.
– 14 – 16 weeks: Third booster vaccination. This vaccine lasts until the kitten’s next vaccination at 16 months of age (see below).

Adult cats
Yearly adult vaccination boosters coinciding with an annual health check. We will send you yearly reminders to keep the booster shots up to date so that your cat will always be protected.

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