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Our MyLab Ultrasound system gives us a greater chance of accurately diagnosing even the trickiest of your pet’s health issues.

Due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Moorabbin Veterinary Hospital has suspended all online bookings for the foreseeable future. To book your next appointment, please call the reception on (03) 9555 4808. When you arrive at the clinic, please call us and stay in your car and Moorabbin Veterinary Hospital staff member will come out and see you when you and your pet are next in line. For more information, please read how we’re responding to the Coronavirus epidemic to keep everyone safe.

Benefits of Ultrasound

We give light sedations to relax your pet through the scan and keep the experience painless and stress-free as possible. The images we obtain can help us to diagnose any disease affecting the abdominal organs such as the liver, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys.

Ultrasonography also allows us to obtain samples of various tissues, which means we can avoid any unnecessary and costly surgery.

Ultrasound is also the most reliable form of pregnancy diagnosis for dogs and cats.


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