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We know desexing is a big day for both you and your pet. We specialise in same day cat and dog desexing and will ensure the procedure is performed under the highest safety conditions. The operation is best performed when your pet is 6 months old, at which point your pet will be ready to handle the anaesthetic.

Stress free

We carefully follow procedure to make sure the operation is as stress free as possible for you and your pet. Intravenous fluids are administered by highly trained nurses. Pain relief medication lasts long after the operation to keep your pet comfortable.

Pets are dropped off in the morning, no breakfast. The same afternoon, they are walked, fed (and usually cuddled), then taken home by you. Your pet needs to rest for the next 7-10 days (no walks) and the stitches need to be removed 12 days after the surgery, but this is covered in the surgery cost.

Why to desex

  • Behaviour: To reduce undesired behavioural traits such as frequent urination by male dogs and urine spraying by cats
  • Financial: To reduce council registration fees
  • Medical: To avoid common medical conditions such as mammary tumours, testicular tumours, pyometra, prostate disease and urinary tract infection
  • Pregnancy: To reduce unwanted pregnancies
  • Runaways: To reduce the likelihood of roaming (runaways), being hit by cars and getting into fights


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