Puppy Preschool

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Get your puppy the very best start in life and help them grow into a well behaved, sociable dog. Puppy Preschool is an opportunity for owners to learn how to best manage and understand their dog.

Due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Moorabbin Veterinary Hospital has suspended all online bookings for the foreseeable future. To book your next appointment, please call the reception on (03) 9555 4808. When you arrive at the clinic, please call us and stay in your car and Moorabbin Veterinary Hospital staff member will come out and see you when you and your pet are next in line. For more information, please read how we’re responding to the Coronavirus epidemic to keep everyone safe.

How you can help your Puppy…

  • Sleep quietly
  • Stop chewing furniture
  • Stop barking inappropriately
  • Stop chasing the cat

Cost: $140 for the whole course
Length: 4 weeks
For puppies aged: 10-16 weeks
Complimentary goodie bag and course notes!

Our Puppy Preschool is run over four weeks and meets your puppy’s need for exposure, training and socialisation in a clean, safe and supervised environment. Learn how a dog perceives the world and how this influences behaviour. By recognising a dog’s body language we can keep puppies safe and relaxed as they socialise with other dogs.

What do you need on the day?

  • first vaccinations completed
  • a hungry puppy, please do NOT feed your puppy before class
  • treats (optional)
  • normal collar and lead (NO choke chains)

Program Outline

Week One:

  • Introduction
  • Socialisation
  • Behavioural issues
  • House training
  • Obedience

Week Two:

  • Environmental enrichment
  • Lead walking
  • Obedience
  • Obstacles

Week Three:

  • Diet / Nutrition
  • Food guarding / Remedies
  • Obedience
  • Handling and desensitisation

Week Four:

  • Obedience
  • Commands
  • Health
  • Hospital tour
  • Graduation!


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