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Dr John Ley is an Australian government accredited Veterinarian (AAV) who has been helping owners take their pets overseas for many years. Contact us to discuss the export process, the importing country’s requirements and arrange for the relevant treatments, inspections and documentation to be completed.

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This initial contact must be made well in advance of the intended date of export as some countries require that animals receive a rabies vaccination at least 30 days before the date of departure. Import permits may be required for entry of animals into some countries. If there is any likelihood that your pet will be returning to Australia, it is imperative that you discuss this with us as early as possible. Animals cannot be imported (or returned) directly to Australia from some countries, so appropriate advice is essential before your animal heads overseas.

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Contact the Moorabbin Veterinary Hospital to make an appointment with John, and make sure that you have everything properly organised for you and your pet’s trip.

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