NEW As of Monday, November 1st, we have a new set of consult protocols

Vaccinating Your Rabbit

Vaccinations for pets are important to ensure they live a fulfilling life without preventable disease or illness. We can vaccinate rabbits to protect against Calicivirus.

Myxomatosis vaccination is unavailable for use in Australia, therefore we recommend insect control, mosquito netting the rabbit’s cage and keeping them inside to avoid mosquitos.

Outbreaks of this disease are often seen in summer due to the higher volume of mosquitos. Rabbit Calicivirus Disease (also known as Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus) is a life-threatening disease which can affect a rabbit within 12-18 hours of infection. It has a high mortality rate and nearly all rabbits die from the disease once infected.

When to vaccinate
Kittens require frequent boosters given their developing immune system.

  • 4 weeks: Initial vaccination.
  • 6-8 weeks: Second vaccination.
  • Older than 10 weeks (preferably 12 weeks): Initial vaccination. This vaccine lasts until the kittens next vaccination as an adult.

Adult rabbits
Yearly adult vaccination boosters coinciding with an annual health check. We will send you yearly reminders to keep the booster shots up to date so that your rabbit will always be protected.

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New Consult Protocols

  • In light of the recent lockdown changes our consult protocols will change from Monday November 1st.
  • Fully vaccinated clients may enter the building upon showing proof of vaccination.
  • If you are unvaccinated or do not have proof, contactless consults can still occur.
  • Please note there is a limit of one client per consult room and facemasks are mandatory indoors at all times.