Happy Easter! – Dogs and chocolate

All of us at the Moorabbin Veterinary Hospital hope you have enjoyed the long weekend! One of the best parts of Easter is all the chocolate, but it’s important to remember that chocolate is NOT good for your dog! As tempting as it is to share your eggs with your little friends, it is best to stick to specialty pet treats that are nutritious, delicious and available right here at the Moorabbin Veterinary Hospital.

Chocolate contains the alkaloid, theobromine, which many animals have a lot of trouble metabolising. Ingesting chocolate can even be fatal for dogs so it is important to contact your vet immediately if you suspect your pet has gotten into your Easter stash.

Signs of chocolate toxicity include:
– Diarrhoea
– Increased heart rate
– Increased thirst and urination
– Hyperactivity
– Hypersalivation (excess drooling)
– Muscles tremors
– Panting
– Seizures
– Vomiting

For emergency advice on pets and chocolate you can reach us on 9555 4808. The size and breed of dog as well as the amount of chocolate you suspect they have eaten are all important details to have.

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