Tips on taking your cat to the vet

Get a cat cage
Always bring your cat in a cage or other safe carrier. Having your cat run away during your trip can be an extremely stressful experience. Get your cat used to the cage at home, keep the cage on the floor and open. Let your cat go into the cage to nibble food. This will help your cat feel calm when they are placed into the cage for the ride. Cages which open at the top are recommended for ease of getting your cat out during the exam.

The car ride
Take your cat in the cage for rides in the car to get them aclimatised to the experience. This way they won’t necessarily associate a cat cage with a vet visit. Because cats may get carsick, do not feed your cat for at least an hour prior to travel.

The waiting room
Give lots of praise and treats. Remain calm and speak in a soft voice, this will help your cat stay calm as well. Try to sit away from any noisy dogs so as not to spook your cat.

During the exam
Stay close to your cat, your familiar face will bring comfort during the exam. Again, give treats and lots of praise.

Plan for extra time
There is nothing worse than being in a rush. Your cat will pick up on your anxiety. Moorabbin Veterinary Hospital is usually busiest in the morning and the evening so be sure to book as early as possible where and always plan ahead.

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